Contemporary Fiber Art

Portrait by Mercy Mcnab

Portrait by Mercy Mcnab

Shelly Sazdanoff

Shelly Sazdanoff, is a contemporary fiber artist based out of Portland, Oregon. Her minimal, mixed-media pieces are made from handwoven natural fibers and painted and/or molded concrete. 

Sazdanoff’s work explores texture, line and angle as well as juxtaposition. It’s about how the materials and textures work together in both fluidity and in contrast finding a balance. Sazdanoff, is drawn to the subtle characteristics of the natural fiber; the pieces of stray flax, the slight shifts in shade and thickness, the variation of warp lines because it is handwoven and the organic, earthly fiber against the rough concrete and clean lines. The pieces are minimal but upon closer view, there is a world full of subtleties; a conversation happening between materials.

The work is about control; both our grasp for it as well as our lack of it. The linear angles and patterns are as much about our human aim for perfection as they are about visual perfection. But still, the work is made by human hands and will therefore have human error by default, but those moments of intersection are pivotal and beautiful.




Selected Solo

2018     Permanence In The Fleeting, Shortcut Gallery, Phoenix, AZ

Selected Group

2019 Interstate, Sarah Spurgeon Gallery, Ellensburg, WA (Upcoming)

2019 Throughline, Ritual Dyes, Portland, OR

2018   Group Exhibition for Area Industry, Disjecta, Portland, OR

2017    Woodshop Woodshop Gallery, Portland, OR     

2017     The Modern Craft Of Fiber Art  Kat & Maouche Portland, OR

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Image from solo exhibition, Permanence In The Fleeting 2018

Image from solo exhibition, Permanence In The Fleeting 2018